Dear All

I assume that you are here because you have a sibling or relative, or your relative has a relative that has an extra chromosome. 
Maybe you are here because you just found out you are carrying a baby with 47 chromosomes.
 Maybe you have just delivered and find out about Down Syndrome.
 Maybe you are just one of my friends, or Leyla's friends.  
Maybe you are just curious. 
In any case let me introduce you, by means of little windows, into a not so well known world of DS. 
I hope you find what you are looking for here and may it help you to keep the dreams you have for your children alive.
In Love.
Rosa Davila

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I am a Therapeutic Massage Practitioner, highly trained in Aromatherapy. I have studied Natural Nutrition and Iridiology. I threw my Naturopathic studies to the side in order to follow my other half to the USA. I gave birth to my beautiful girl In April 2009. She was born with Down Syndrome. I am know aplying all my knowledge to researching T21 and how to best help her naturally and holistically. What a journey! During the first weeks after learning of my daughters diagnosis I spent hours on the internet searching for a modern image of Down Syndrome. I found it, and with it the hope, courage and calm that allowed me to keep dreaming for my baby. With this blog I hope to gather information about people with DS, their lives, epics and struggles. I hope to bring people closer to their hearts, warm them up about DS. There is so much misinformation, outdated research and prejudice. If you have something you think is worth for me to post here, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks. Have a great journey into Wonderland.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

busy or what?

  We have been back for almost two weeks and we are finally starting to feel at home. I have been busier than ever, cleaning and preparing for the Autumn. I have been looking for some new recipes to add to the winter menu and crochet projects to finish all the yarn in my, I mean Leyla's, wardrobe. 
I have also been buying play mats on line. We decided on the expensive, no lead, purple and pink mats. Hopefully they arrive before next Friday, the scary day when I begin to day care for Henry, Mindy's baby. I know I am crazy but I want Leyla to have a friend around. It's just once a week. I think it will work. Hence the mats, so that they can roll around or whatever baby's do. I am soon to discover. I'll also needed them for Leyla's PT.
       Talking about buying. I have been shopping for a ticket to Spain. It looks like I will manage to make it between Thanks Giving and Christmas. I may scape the snow!

      What else happened this week? Oh, yes. we went to the doctor and found out that Leyla is almost sixteen pounds! No wonder my arms and thighs are so toned. She is doing well and we are just going to have her eyes checked. Something of a wondering eye.... 26 Oct.
    Early Intervention Therapy also started and once again the therapist was very impressed with Leyla's tone and state of development. She gave me some more exercises to gain more upper body control and we aim to get her sitting on her own, banging two toys together, rolling both sides continuously and probably something else in the next couple of months. 

   We have also finally joined the Flower City Association, the Rochester group for Down Syndrome and registered for the Buddy Walk. So now it is official, we are walking the mile in Awareness for Down Syndrome. Those of you who would like to join us please let me know and we can make arrangements. 

And the best of all, we have heard of a baby girl born with Down Syndrome in Rochester. She even shares Leyla's birth date! The therapist is going to try to hook us up. I hope it works.
The Flower City people said they know of a baby born in July so I hope we can all get together and start a little playgroup. It makes me feel better.

So. I keep painting smiles in my heart. 
For now, that is all.
As soon as I get some kind of "room of my own" again I will be able to post cool stuff. I can only do basic keep up now.
Stay tuned!
Love, Light and Laughter 

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